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noun 1. fidelity, loyalty; 2. pledge, promise

17 June 1985
Dedication: To the street sweepers working in dusk's dust, and to the working girls the sun but sends crystal kisses to her hand.

((Images adapted from: Toth Arpad, KÖRÚTI HAJNAL ))

«Dominika is what the world was waiting for.»

Thank you sloganizer.net..

I have but two aspirations in life: To travel and to share it with someone... I want to make an impact in the world. But we do, everyday that we walk down the road, and smile upon someone and brighten their soul. If there must be a meaning of life for people to feel they have purpose it is this: Love. Make Friends, comfort them, and be there when they need.

I love with the most beautiful woman in the world that, although I share a lot in common with, it's not all common ground, but she compliments me in the most pure of ways. I know what love is. It's not only daring to love. It's loving to dare yourself. It's making her happy.
For the time being, I'm 21, and I'm ready for whatever the world throws my way. Peace and Harmony